HVAC stands for heating ventilation and Air-Conditioning, these three systems is often combined in modern day world and it is the technology of indoor and automobile environment comfort. HVAC’s goal is to provide comfort and acceptable air quality in indoor environment. It also reduce peak demand electricity charges. High performing buildings are now getting better with centrally air-conditioning environment and tenants and purchases are willing to occupy these sustainable buildings. Orbit controls provides better HVAC system than any other company in Pakistan because we have worked on many projects in different environment and in different reputable companies.

Improve your energy consumption and efficiency of your company’s heating ventilation and Air-Conditioning with our energy saving services and strategies.

With our expertise in HVAC, Our offers related to Absorption Chiller, Accessories and Valve Support, Air Handling Unit, BMS & Control Unit, Circulation Pump, Cooling Tower leads the HVAC industry, we provide you the most energy efficient and cost effective solutions to building professionals and owners around the globe.

We also provide some excellent services in HVAC system: