Parking guidance system enables smooth parking guidance for drivers. They are guided by the directional dynamic displays towards the available parking places. LED beacons indicate with different colors of the status of each place.

The system has been planned out to offer the users a comfortable and time-saving experience throughout their search for a parking place.

  • What are the benefits of Parking Guidance System?

PGS have been proven to cut the customer’s time-to-park in half and result in a 3-5% rise in visits. Simply put, the easier it is for customers to visit, the more customers will want to return again and again.

  • Travelers: Reduced time looking for parking, and reduced satisfaction.
  • Venue Operators: Increase in patronage, and customer satisfaction.
  • Parking Operators: Increased space occupancy, and increased revenue.
  • Environmental: Reduced air pollution, reduced congestion, reduced illegal parking.