M/S Baig Engineering has successfully completed another milestone by providing the best and productive services to Pakistan Lighting Pvt LTD.

  • ABOUT PROJECT:LED Light test bench is the project to fulfil the concern regarding the switching and lighting controls of LED’s via testing and feeding them in different time situations and varying the beam and luminescence of LED’s.

    LED Light Test bench involves the two basic software to develop the operational procedures logically. These software are mentioned below:

    1. Win Pro Ladder ( FATEK PLC Software)
    2. Fv Designer (FATEK HMI Software)

    The new system is more simplified i.e. data acquisition and processing is accomplished by using PLCs only. System is more accurate and fast. Precise desired outputs are attained by means of highly efficient equipment. The system’s parameters are displayed on HMI. It is very economical, user friendly and future maintenance/repair work may not be very complex even for local staff. HMI is designed via Fv Designer and includes the requisitions of all parameters of importance. Data acquitted in form of power, voltage and current is displayed on screen along with the graphical representations. All information is piled on single page for good monitoring and checking the runtime, and safety conditions of the system.