M/S Baig Engineering has successfully completed another milestone by providing the best and productive services in RO plant project. Our scope of project includes:


The Main Page of RO Plant provides the indications of AUTO Mode and Modes of Process Controlling of the RO Plant. The Indication of different parameters of the RO Plant is shown in the picture below, and the Modes of Controlling are AUTO and MANUAL with the RESET button to acknowledge the Alarm of the system and to stop the process of the Plant.


Manual CIP page provides the Controlling of the CIP of RO Plant manually, The ON an OFF button are for the operating of the Valve and PUMP of the CIP Plant. The main purpose of this page is to control the different parameters manually, And to start the back washing of RO membrane manually.


Fault indication page provides the indication of the RO Plant, whenever any undesired situation is achieved by the system the indication of the fault is provided in this page. The main purpose of this page is to provide the exact location of the fault that has to be removed from the system.